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Biology Help Page (Valencia  College)

Cycads of South Africa


Pics Summer


Eastern Cape Algae Movie

Surf Reports


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Shark pics smaller to view

Underwater Shots (7/6/07)


For My Botany Class-Biomes and Geology of Plants in Kruger Parkr

yellow sands video
Shark dive site

Blue Springs Manatees

Rainbow River Paddle/Swim t
My Marine Biology online CD/Web Page Lectures, Pictures, Links to Marine Biology and Oceanography, Weather and Surfing
Great White dissection 1982 After a few local attacks in East London, South Africa in the winter of 1982, the city caught a great white at Nahoon Reef, bough it back to the Aquarium and it was dissected there.  I was invited to video tape it (as my school had a video camera).
 Shark Attack Information Page NOT Up to date  (information on the latest shark attacks in the US and around the world.
Marine Algae Collections 1 Scanned Marine Algae Herbarium Sheets of my South African Algae Collection->1982-2003
Marine Algae Collections 2 Scanned Marine Algae Microscope Slides of my South African Algae Collection->1982-2003
In Memory Of Barb and Dave   PL     Latest Ozone Hole Photo



Spot the spots I've surfed! (1968-2013)



Aug. 2003       Cocoa Beach, FL   Oct. 8, 2004


Polk Ave  Jan. 6, 2007

Seal Point 7/2/07

My GoPro Session 1My GoPro session 2

Updated: Monday, October 31, 2022